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Partnerships and Alliances
Content strategy and development.
Brand Strategy.
Sustainable strategy. 


Clients &


Some partnerships achieved in the past 5 years working with various brands and companies.

Wacom  ||  Business of Fashion  ||   Asian Paints  ||   Miss Malini   ||   Snapchat- India  ||   Arts Thread  ||   FICCI frames  ||   Retailers Association of India  ||   Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI)  ||  Association of Designers of India (ADI)   ||   Pearl Academy   ||   Fashion Revolution  India || British Council 

F&B partnerships: PCO group  ||   Guppy’s by AI  ||   Caara   ||   Instant Pizza and others.

Design Annex Partnerships: Princess Pea   ||   The Perfume Library   ||   Vadehra bookstore and others.

Speaker’s Programming partnerships: Max Muller   ||   Godrej India Culture Lab

Note: Partnerships with these brand have been while working for Pearl Academy, GUS India, Fashion Revolution India, India Art Fair and few others. 


Clients and


  • High-Value Partnerships: Proven track record of signing and managing strategic partnerships for targetted growth and revenue generation, seamless operations management and business development. 

  • Strategic Alliances and Content Excellence: Led communication strategy for British Council x Fashion Revolution India's "Craft in the Age of Climate Crisis" report launch. Currently managing projects for BITS Pilani's newly launched BITS Design School.

  • Crafting Zines, Coffee Table Books, and Magazines
    Commissioned Projects: Working on the Design Careers Book for BITS Design School, the Women in Sustainability Zine for Fashion Revolution India, and the Soulmates Zine for Mayray.

Empowering companies through strategic guidance, marketing insights, content excellence, partnerships, and business development strategies.

Key Competencies

  • Multicultural Strategist: Proficient in leading strategy-driven solutions across functions and sectors, fostering collaboration and driving growth.

  • Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills: Expert in identifying and solving business and team challenges, making high-level strategic decisions with C-level executives.

  • Brand Activation Specialist: Expert in creating distinctive brand experiences, managing high-value partnerships, and developing dynamic consumer behavioral change strategies.

  • Creative Content Evangelist

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My Expertise

  • Strategic Leadership and Partnerships: 10 years of expansive learning in designing robust strategies to develop, launch, and commercialize brand projects. With a strong emphasis on market opportunities, developing partnership strategies, content and communication strategic plans, and long-term sustainable strategies.

  • Content Strategy and Development: Directing the crafting and commercialization of relevant, scalable, and marketable content that meets a brand's and business's objectives, helping fuel both direct revenue and opportunities. Led successful campaigns for Fashion Revolution India with British Council and Fair Trade India.

  • Brand Strategy: Specializing in brand activations—social networks, websites, blogs, partnerships, and consumer outreach strategies. Boosting audience interactions and creating immersive, experiential experiences.

  • Sustainable Strategy: Reviewing and offering creative insights to brands in fashion, retail, education, and communication sectors to enhance their sustainability practices in-house. Conducting crafted workshops and curating content aimed at consumer behavioral change.

Speciality, but not limited to:
Sustainability Expertise

  • Consultant for Sustainable Practices: Guiding brands through workshops, curated content, and campaign strategies. 

  • Grassroots Initiatives: Empowering communities through storytelling and digital campaigns, fostering social change at the grassroots level.

Higher Education Sector Specialist

  • Content and Strategy Leadership: Developed and executed content strategies for GUS India, Pearl Academy, iNurture Galileo India Group and BITS Pilani including website revamps, strategic partnerships, business development, communication campaigns, content strategies and strategic advisory boards.

  • Strategic Initiatives: Led the creation and design of a career book for BITSDES Design School, and drove alliances for new-age design careers at BITS.

  • Team and Financial Management: Managing teams of 5+ and financial budgets close to 10 crores, ensuring efficient operations and strategic alignment.

Entrepreneurial Spirit and Creative Innovation

  • Entrepreneurial Journey with Mayray: Founded and led the Mayray brand, revitalizing the traditional Phulkari craft with sustainable practices. Achieved immediate success and recognition in leading publications like Cosmopolitan India.

  • Out-of-the-Box Thinker: Known for strategic insights and innovative content narratives. I excel in idea generation and execution, always working at the intersection of design, content, and strategic planning.

My expertise spans across brand engagement, consumer behavioral change campaigns, content strategies, business development, partnerships, and communications, ensuring both short and long-term growth for brands.

Brand communication and marketing

Content strategy and management 

Social media management 

Partnerships and alliances

Strategic Thinking    Marketing strategies

 New business development

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